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How to Create A Music Box, Part III

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by Monique Hawkins

Creating wooden keepsake boxes, children's jewelry boxes, inlaid music boxes, and other types of musical movements can be a joy, especially when one is doing it himself or herself. However, there is an important step to consider when putting the music box together; it is choosing the movement accessories. These accessories include shafts/extenders, animation, turntables, winding keys, accessory shaft washers, cranks, rocking action, and musical mobile holder cases.

Shaft and Extenders

Left-handed shafts typically are placed into a special accessory hole on the side of an 18-note key-wind musical movement. When used, it becomes permanent. The key extenders extend the length of the winding key.


The 18-note key-wind musical movement can be fitted with several animation accessories. For example, the waggie shaft, covered with an accordion sleeve, allows it to rotate inside the sleeve instead of inside the figure, while the circular motion rod can be easily bent to create a neat orbital flying motion. There is a flat pad on the rod's tip where figurines can be glued.


Turntables typically come in clear plastic, opaque plastic, and metal. The left-handed turntable can be used to fit the left-handed shaft or shaft extender. Turntable can be used as winding keys as well when figurines are glued to them.

Winding Keys

All music boxes that are created must have a winding key unless a turntable is used in its place. Winding keys typically are in brass or nickel plated finish and come in different sizes. Typical winding keys include the T-bar, Triangle, and Miniature. There even is a childproof safety winding key that when installed becomes a permanent part of the music box. If one has a child who will have access to the music box, this would be a good fixture to have.

Accessory Shaft Washers

These washers are placed on the outside of the music movement housing. This would be a good thing to utilize if one uses plush toys or dolls as part of the music box. It helps prevent fibers from being caught in the accessory hole and getting wrapped around the shaft.


A crank is a music accessory that produces motions such as swinging, pumping, sawing, rocking, and up and down motions.

Rocking Action

If one were looking into making music boxes with figurines such as rocking horses and chairs, this would be the perfect music movement accessory.

Musical Mobile Holder Cases

The musical mobile holder cases would be just right for a musical mobile for a baby's crib. These movements and holder cases usually are not sold together, but separately. This holder case would work well using an 18-note key-wind musical movement.

Creating music boxes takes special care and also are fun to do. Whether it is a wooden keepsake box, children's jewelry box, or any other type of whimsical box, why not create your first one today?

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

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